Toggle bolts and Toggle Buddys side-by-side

What is Toggle Buddy?

The Toggle Buddy® was designed by electricians for all tradesmen. Installing toggle bolts are a part of every tradesmen's daily routine. Though they are particularly useful for hanging heavy objects on walls that do not have stud support, they can cause frustration and aggravation due to the challenges associated with installation.

Work Twice as Fast

Standard Installation Installation with Toggle Buddy
Assemble the toggle bolt Assemble the toggle bolt
Insert Toggle Buddy into the wall
Fold the toggle & insert into wall Fold the toggle & insert into wall
Pull the bolt back until the wings catch the wall
Ensure the bracket is perpendicular to the floor
Screw toggle bolt making sure the toggle is not spinning Screw toggle bolt

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The Toggle Buddy is designed for use with a 1/4" toggle bolt in a 7/8” hole, and can be used on any material including drywall, plywood, metal sheeting and more. It can be used in any application where a toggle bolt is used.

Made in the USA

Made in the USA, the Toggle Buddy reduces the time for installation by more than half and requires no experience. It’s as easy as screwing in a screw. It saves time, makes every job easier, and improves overall efficiency and safety.


Stop wasting time holding the toggle bolt and ensuring the toggle is not spinning when installing the bolt—use the Toggle Buddy to save time and avoid frustration.

“Every Toggle Needs a Buddy.”


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